Australasian Association of Bioethics Health Law Conference Wellington NZ 2015

This conference has now concluded.  Powerpoint notes (where permission given) will be available on the Member page of the AABHL Website

Working with Diversity

Australia and New Zealand are two of the most diverse communities in the world, and the extent of diversity is increasing. We value this diversity - it is a  a source of richness to be celebrated. But diversity is also associated with major inequalities between population groups.  Diversity involves challenges and questions at many levels:

  • Clinically: cultural diversity makes the resolution of clinical ethical dilemmas more complex. How do we develop guidance and ethical codes of practice to address these? Are Clinical Ethics Advisory Groups a vehicle than can help us address this diversity of values?
  • Research: What are the implications of this diversity for research practice?
  • Legally: how should law reflect and integrate the values of the various communities to which they apply?
  • Socially: in what ways can we reduce health inequities, particularly unequal health outcomes between various social and ethnic populations? What ethical values and frameworks will help resolve issues arising from diversity?
  • Globally: what ethical, legal and policy responses are needed to address issues posed by our increasingly globalised world – [which paradoxically is reducing cultural diversity at one level but exacerbating inequalities at another]?